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Announcing the movie you won’t want to miss!1986: The Act premieres today!

For thousands of parents with vaccine-injured children, the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) conjures up sadness, betrayal of trust, disappointment and anger. But what does the rest of the public think? Most people don’t even realize the NCVIA exists! They are still under the rosy misconception that vaccines are safe and effective and that our legislators and public health officials would never do anything that would knowingly hurt America’s children. 

We need to educate them. That is where 1986: The Act comes in.

Dr. Andy Wakefield, the filmmaker who brought us Vaxxed, now brings us 1986: The Act, a story of how the powerful force of a mother's intuition leads down the rabbit hole of lies and corruption surrounding the NCVIA. 1986: The Act forges head on into the important conversation and controversy surrounding this one-sided health policy that gave vaccine makers a multi-billion-dollar gift (so far) and immunity from prosecution. 

Viewers will learn how “The Act” turned fairness and the US court system on its head. Touted at the time as a helpful, non-adversarial alternative to long, protracted court battles, it actually turned into anything but; where the vaccine- injured linger without help, parents rack up medical bills and wait years for monetary relief which seldom comes, and government lawyers take home fat paychecks for their efforts against families.  This corrupt system ensures that consumers pay the tab and vaccine manufacturers laugh all the way to the bank.

  • If you are vaccine-injured, share the film with your friends and family.

  • If you have a vaccine-injured child, share it with other young parents who don’t know the dire, unintended consequences of vaccination.

  • If you care about humanity and justice, share it with your local, state and federal representatives, many of whom, incredibly enough, don’t know about “The Act” either and will be shocked to find out! 

As advocates, we find ourselves at a crucial time for health freedom. We must use all the tools we have to educate others in our communities, including our lawmakers. The change starts with us.

Watch 1986: The Act now! Buy tickets and share with those you love. The film is available to stream on demand.  


The Children’s Health Defense Team

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